UWPIXELRights statement

Welcome to UWPIXEL.CN(referred to as”UWPIXEL”),Please carefully read the following terms and condition,If you object to any statement of this agreement,You may choose not to access UWPIXEL, by accessing UWPIXEL it means that you agree to comply with all statements of this agreement,& is in full compliance to the management of UWPIXEL.

Chapter I General rules

1st section UWPIXEL.CN and its LOGO,Anyone without the permission of UWPIXEL may not use the contents in any form of unauthorise usage.

2nd UWPIXEL will provide users with information storage space,To demonstrate and Exchange platform for users.

3rd article of the agreement the final right of interpretation belongs UWPIXEL website.

The second chapter UWPIXELUser

Article 4th all registered users, and browsing user UWPIXEL user (hereinafter”User”)。

5th article a user's personal information is protected,Queries that do not accept any person or entity. State law except for the query,Except for the user's personal settings open.

6th users enjoy the right to freedom of expression.

7th user's behaviour is not inconsistent with the international networking of computer information network security management approach and the management of Internet information services, the administration of Internet electronic messaging services provisions, the Convention decided to maintain Internet Security Protocol, the regulations on the administration of Internet news information services and other related legal provisions,Shall not be released in the mill, dissemination or other ways to transfer information contains one of the following: 1. the basic principles established by the Constitution; 2. endangering national security,Divulging State secrets,Subversion,Undermining national unity; 3. harm national honor and interests; 4. incitement to ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity; 5. destruction country religion policy,Publicizes the cults and the feudal superstition; 6. spread rumors,Disturbing social order,Undermine social stability; 7. disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes; 8. insult or slander others,Against others legal right of; 9. incitement illegal rally, and Association, and March, and demonstrations, and mob disrupt social order of; 10. to illegal civil organization name activities of; 11. contains China legal, and regulations, and regulations, and Ordinance and any has legal effectiveness of specification by limit or ban of other content of; 12. contains false, and harmful, and stress, and against others privacy, and harassment, and against, and injured, and vulgar, and indecent, and or other moral Shang was antipathy of content.

8th user assumes all for his personal acts, directly or indirectly lead to civil or criminal liability,Losses due to user behavior to the UWPIXEL,User shall be responsible for the compensation.

9th UWPIXEL with the user that violate site rules for processing power,Until the ban on its site to post information and delete your account.

10th prohibits any use of illegal software such as posting machine brush screen, illegal behavior.

11th in order to be able to provide our customers with a high quality platform,Against the reactionary, pornographic picture, signature, and publishing offensive content of users,Are dealt with harshly. Once discovered such acts,ID will be given a permanent ban and empty the account information.

The third chapter Rights statement

12th all contents of this website only represents the author's own position and views,Site-independent,The authors bear all the legal responsibilities.

13th between users caused by using UWPIXEL or any disputes that might arise and/or loss,By the users themselves and assume the corresponding responsibility,Has nothing to do with UWPIXEL.

Elements published on the UWPIXEL website on the 14th,If there is no author stated,Using the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike 2.5 The license agreement.

The fourth chapter Penalty rules

15th UWPIXEL solemnly remind the user,If any one or more of the following,Bear including closed all or part of the rights, the consequences of being suspended or deleted their account,In serious cases,Will also bear the corresponding legal responsibility. 1. the use of indecent or inappropriate ID and nickname; 2. containing profanity, pornography, personal attacks and propaganda against the State, illegal or infringing freedom of speech; 3. engaged in illegal commercial activity; 4. imitation section manager ID or other ID,For the fake Manager or damaging management staff; 5. using posting machine brush illegal software, such as screen, illegal behavior. 6. other cases of UWPIXEL believe that it is not.

The fifth chapter By-laws

16th judicial interpretation on combating Internet rumors: that the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on handling criminal cases such as libel committed through information network for legal explanations on several issues on September 5, 2013 1589th meeting of the Committee of the Supreme People's Court trial, on September 2, 2013 by the Supreme People's Procuratorate, adopted at the 12th session of the procuratorial Committee of the 9th meeting,Is now released,As of September 10, 2013.

17th legal disputes arising from all user pictures,Has nothing to do with UWPIXEL website.

18th UWPIXEL as suspended due to system maintenance or upgrading services,Will announce beforehand. Due to a hardware failure or other force majeure causes the suspension service,Suspension service period creates all inconvenience and loss,This site does not take any responsibility. Loss of information or other results due to an UWPIXEL adjustment,UWPIXEL does not assume any responsibility.

Not covered in the 19th article of the Agreement refer to relevant laws and regulations,When this Agreement conflicts with national laws and regulations,,Subject to the national laws and regulations.