UWPIXEL is committed to providing our underwater photographer a place to share,to display your works. Whether you're an amateur or a professional,You're welcome to join us,Share with each other,Encourage each other,Learn from each other perspective,While joining PRO-SHOOT is a free contest each month. UWPIXEL invited several international renowned underwater photographers as invited resident guest.,They would upload and share their latest artwork,share different underwater photography tips, They will also serve as PRO-SHOOT judge each month.

Our team

Erjin Bao

Bao Erjin,(Alias: Cary,) Ericsson agile coach,Underwater photographers.

Underwater photography works have been published in the professional journals,Was awarded the winner of Underwater Festival 2013 the Australasia Challenge Wrecks category,12th Shanghai International exhibition of photographic art documentaries Bronze award,The first,Second China underwater photography competition, The Second prize,and the Third prize. Final round of 51st Annual wildlife photographer of the year 2015.

Kelvin Tan H.Y

At present are working as General Manager of China chemical industry. 2014 anilao Philippines underwater photography Festival, second prize winner.
A man of craziness,From a very young when try sled,Electric Bicycle,Yacht,Surfing,Play golf,Group different outdoor sports such as athletics,And individual project reached the professional level.
He said: people live young at a time. If there is something like,Hard to do!
Reportedly met after diving,He was deeply in love with the beauty of the underwater world. Then came into macro photography with a camera. Now you can see the Kelvin is a professional photographer,Explore nature off the beaten track places.


Miss M!