We will post second hand uw photography equipment which are for sale. Currently only available in chinese language.

Please explain in details the items you are selling, & your contact details to us using(Wechat,QQ,email)please also send us photos of the items (Email: uwpixel@163.com). All posts would be verified by admin before posting,We shall not accept items not related to underwater photography,Any information loss or lack of contact details shall not be posted based on descretion of admin,Please write back & inform us,if you have sold your items & we would removed your post, (Non-commercialise sales)

Please take note,All transaction,items confirmation will be between the seller & buyer,UWPIXEL shall be not be responsible of any insecured transaction,therefore please understand , that UWPIXEL will not be involve in your discussion should there be,if there is any misintepration,敬请须知!卖方需注明物品来源和合法性,未注明的网站默认为其为自购物品。