UWPIXEL would comply the strictest rules in marine conservation. No touch policy applies.

No manipulation,causing stress,UWPIXEL would reserve the right to delete any post containing the below:

  • Any photo containing man-handled subjects.
  • Any photos containing animal stress.
  • No photos should display marine subjects being brought to the surface.
  • No killing of anything below the surface
  • No photos on land.

In short,Shoot,Share,Have fun.

All other shots are welcome,digital manipulation,creative techniques,Wide angle/fisheye,over-under shots,double exposures,reverse ring macro,Macro/Super macro,marine behaviour,Portrait,marine environment,abstracts,Underwater models,etc.

UWPIXEL would pick a monthly PRO-SHOT in top 10 positions,the most number of ‘likes’ would be taken into consideration,but decision is final.

We as the photographers,understand that not all the work can be called classical. But we are not afraid to share,We believe you will not.

UWPIXEL moderators & some international judges will also upload & share,as we are here for the same reason,shooting & sharing. But we would not be included in the top 10 qualifying

So remember to be nice to others & others would be nice to you.