Privacy Protection

Privacy rights is important to you. We would have adequate measures to protect your privacy. On every sensitive information pass on to us,we would have adequate measures to protect your sensitive information,we would also have adequate protection measures protecting your uploads & personal information. Unless the law or government authorities state otherwise,we would not release your personal information or details to anyone or 3rd party (company or personal),unless given approval from you.

User & Mailbox information

Upon registering with UWPIXEL,we would request you to provide a registered user name & a personal email address. This email address would be used for communication under some circumstances,it would also have reminder message based on your settings. UWPIXEL would never send any information not agreed by the user to the email, unless user agrees. ,By the use of email & website settings, you will be prompt of a clear message.

User & visitor log record

For improvement & safety reasons,our server will record all user log in & activity log information,All of these recorded information will only be used in server reading & analysis

For user, some activity log will be log in for the longest possible time,(Eg. Edit, delete, etc.) ,This measure would be use for any safety issues,or cyber attacks

Based on the law requirements,we would retain the record of user & IP address